Princess Lolly is having a birthday!We are making an ice cream surprise.What do we need?We need 1 bowl .what else do need?We need 2 scoops of ice cream.What else do we need?We need 3 candy canes.What else do we need? We need 4 big gumdrops.What else do we need?We need 5 nuts.What else do we need?We need 6 spoonfuls of sprinkles.What else do we need?We need 7 drops of chocolates.What else do we need?We need 8 lollipops.What else do need?We need PRINCESS LOLLY!HAPPY BIRTHDAY,PRINCESS LOLLY!!!!



Look! look! the cat wants to cook! Look! a book! the cat has a cookbook! We need a tin! which tin will win? The thin tin is best.Put back the rest.We need ham and jam.Lots and lots of pots.We spot the pot! Hot shot into the pot.A spot shot! (Not so hot!) We take a seat.We start to beat.No,no,no! We don’t eat the treat we beat.Do not slop the glop on top.Stop! stop! stop that glop! Mop up that glop! Do not drop the mop in glop! We heat the treat.A spot on the pot! Got the pot! DING! they are done.A neat seat to eat a treat! We eat and eat and eat and eat! This treat cannot be beat!

Arthur and the NEW KID

Athurs classwas writing about their summer vacation.Suddenly the door opended.In walked someone new.”This is norbert”,said mr.Ratburn.”He just moved to Elwood city.Take a seat anywhere, Norbert”.Then  Norbert take a seat.At lunchtime Norbert sat with fourth graders.After lunch Mr. Ratburn said to Norbert “why dont you sit with the others.Then Mr. Ratburn said a problem,then the class was quite.Then Norbert whisper to Francine.Francine raised her hand and answered the problem.At recess they played soccer.After school Arthur and Buster ask Norbert to go to Athurs house,and Norbert said okay.Then they high five.

Jilly lost her bunny

One day,there was a girl named Jilly.Jilly has a pet bunny named sally.After breakfast,Jilly and sally went to the park.In the park,sally see a butterfly.So,she keep following the butterfly.She run run run and run until she cannot see Jilly.But sally is a smart bunny.So she have an idea.The idea is to follow her foot steps back to Jilly.Finally,sally find Jilly and then they go home.

Annie bakes a cookie

One day,there is a girl named Annie that is boaring.Then she has an idea to bake a cookie for her friend because she is having a party.After that she take the ingredians from the reflegelater.Then she mix,use the cutter to  make a shape,put the cookies in the oven.When she is finsh she put the cookies in the box.Then she bring it to her friends house because they have the party there.

The Funny Dream

One day,there is a girl that is sleeping.When she is sleeping she had a dream.Her dream is she was at a funny town.In there she met a friendly clown.Then the girl and the clown play ball.After they play ball they eat in the cafe.then they go to the mall and buy funny comics,toys,and 4 candys.THE END